WebXilla – the web 2.0 mind-map for your data

Problem – You cant change your database to fit your business and you cant do it incrementally.

Spreadsheets only handle the very early phase of data growth.  Custom database web systems are risky and expensive to develop.  Off the shelf web solutions can’t be customized nor easily integrated together.  Wikis and web content management systems don’t respect data schemas.

Solution – Xilla dramatically lowers the cost of entry because you can start with where your data is now, and you dont have to develop software.  Changes to the schema are immediate, codeless, free and reversible.  Running and maintenance costs are cut to a bare minumum.

Xilla allows you to experiment safely and make incremental changes to your data design without writing SQL or hiring DBAs and programmers.  Xilla reduces missed opportunity costs, because the schema stays in step with your business, and you can prototype and experiment cheaply.

Xilla is –

  • a place to share important data privately or publicly
  • a RAD prototyping tool & web development environment
  • a customizable database with search engine
  • a new tool for browsing cascades of data links
  • a community of users, developers and data architects
  • a schema repository of reusable solutions
  • a securely hosted, high performance web service with automated backup
  • a concrete semantic web, a mind map for your data

The Xilla user interface is completely web based and the data management, backup and hosting is covered by the monthly subscription fee.  There is no app to roll out nor database to take down and restart when you make a schema change, nor does that require writing scripts or code.

You can reuse existing schema solutions from a library of Xilla domain models to get started, then customize to suit your needs on an ongoing basis.  There is no fixed delivery date when the much awaited over hyped web app arrives to fit an outdated snapshot of your business – both your business and your data projects grow in sync with Xilla.

In most databases you have to know what field or column to search for.  Xilla search is like web search – by default it searches everything and shows you where the search terms occur.

Enter a keyword to find a starting point, then browse through related items and follow the data relationship chain, from item to item to item.  While doing this you’ve constructed a custom page view with all the relevant information at hand – useful summary for a sales call or purchase decision, bookmarked for later use.

Xilla makes relationships in the data stand out clearly because you can see them directly – you click to drill down through the cascade and are reminded about the structure of the data as you use it.

This powerful new browsing feature, combined with the benefits of incremental improvement make Xilla a revolutionary new tool for managing and evolving your business data.