Some amazing javascript libraries are coming out now, which enable interactive math directly in the browser.

One of the most impressive is jsxGraph, from Bayreuth University, which is purpose built upon SVG for plotting mathematical functions.  See their wiki for superb demos.

On the jsxGraph blog, there is a video showing a construction being manipulated by touch on the iPhone – very cool.

Experimenting with their circles-on-circles web app, by sliding the parameters around I uncovered this delightful piece, which reminded me of those ornate calligraphy end-notes you see in olde books.

Its a lot of fun to experiment.  For the curious, the parameters of this specimen are : c1:0.51 f1:7 c2:0.32 f2:17

SVG coolness

I think SVG is the right way to go, and a more natural approach than using canvas [as I did for my interactive sine generator last week].

There’s no technical reason now why something as featured as GeoGebra or KGeo could not be implemented directly in the browser.. it just has to be done!

Geogebra is really nice, but I do prefer the simplicity of not having to download the java applet and approve it for access.  Each extra step supposedly halves the audience, and I want math to be interactive and accessible.