is a Y-combinator startup offering a fest-setup and easy -to-use backend store for iOS and web apps …

Here are some impressions after using on a commercial iPhone app project :

My feedback after using Parse for real work for a few days on iOS is that there are a few things that Id like to see added :

  • allow Pointer type cols [aka relations / object refs ] to be added via the web / DataBrowser
  • allow double click on objectIDs in DataBrowser, for ctrl-C/V
  • add csv export, json export [ imnso, these make me more likely to pay for Parse, not less ]
  • search/filter, sort cols, in DataBrowser

As a workaround I had to do “inspect element” of the Data Browser web page to get the object id, then write some test code to create the object Pointer references.


Also Ive been pining for a detail button for each row – that would pull up a detail grid with [ colname | value ] so I can see all a rows attributes vertically at a glance [ if it can be left open while I select rows, all the better ]

Generally, the iOS Parse api is nice, and it just works… in fact a lot of this I had already implemented myself in js + Node.js + mongo, but a client wanted a Parse backend so that gave me an excuse to evaluate.

So my first impression is good, but as people use this for real work, youll need those little details to save time.

( btw, prefetch link/reference with includeKey is handy )