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Eclectic recent math-goodness :

Two nice video talks by Terry Tao on Random Matrices and Additive Combinatorics here

A programmers intro to the practical aspects of Flow Graphs at topcoder algorithm tutorials


Last but not least the superb ‘Princeton Companion to Mathematics‘.

In a nutshell, PCM is a readable survey-guide to modern math by the experts.  Some links –

Should be in print Nov 2008.  Hopefully more articles from Tim Gowers’ and Terry Tao’s blogs will make it out in book form, with the momentum this will generate…

Found a great entry on Terry Taos blog : a guide to strengthening math inequalities, with examples and tricks, entitled “Amplification, Arbitrage and the Tensor Power trick”.

At the end of that article the comments digress towards the relevance of Math Journals, and this is taken up in a linked blog entry – “more on Journals

I repeat here the comment I made on that blog, namely –

The Journal is dead, long live the Journal.On balance, I think this is just another case of the internet removing the middleman, while improving supply.

If we were to take the best features of the Journal System and translate them to the web what would that be like?

Well, we already have – wildly successful – so whats missing?

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